1. FCN hosts DPRG Nordbayern

A Franconian football Friday with Kaltwasser Kommunikation

DPRG Nordbayern

There are three main things which most people associate with the Franconian city of Nuremberg: Its medieval castle, the world famous Christmas market, and the glorious 1. FCN football club.

So what could be more appropriate than showing our DPRG Nordbayern members the world of Franconian football? In addition to following an intense Franconian derby between the club and the Würzburger Kickers from the press gallery, we also gained exciting insights into the work performed by stadium announcer Guido Seibelt and the team around press spokesperson Luana Valentini.

Read more on the DPRG website.

Many thanks to the club’s corporate communications staffand the fantastic stadium announcer Guido Seibelt for this unforgettable evening!

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