Charlotte von Kielmansegg returns to Kaltwasser Kommunikation

To build a bridge over the cutting point of economy and politics or society and politics you need a good relationship. This is the core of strategic political advocacy.

We need to build bridges to resolve frontiers and to overcome intersection between economy and politics.

Middle of November 2019 Berlin branch manager Charlotte Gräfin v. Kielmansegg assigned to expand Kaltwasser business in the capital city. Focus of the division Public Affairs is public communication and strategic advocacy. Our excellence in Public Affairs lies in the ability to support sustainable structures, to illuminate important issues, to strengthen the dialog between several pressure groups and to network between all shareholders. That is to say, we intensifythe dialog between corporations, politics, associations and economy.

After a long time collaboration with Kaltwasser Kommunikation in Nuremberg and Berlin PR and PA specialist Charlotte v. Kielmansegg returns to the communication agency with a headquarter in Nuremberg and branch offices in Berlin and Munich. Charlotte v. Kielmansegg intends to expand the office at Kaiserdamm by focussing on public communication and social engagement. Another main pillar will be the support and assistance of clients at the exhibition Berlin (Messe Berlin), e.g. the IFA or ITB.

Owner Brigitte Kaltwasser explains: “Charlotte v. Kielmansegg is an extremely experienced and passionate communication professional, a well-versed manager (leader) and optimally cross-linked. We are very happy to have won her back as branch manager for our capital office in Berlin.”

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