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Reinforcement fot the citizen communication team

New employee

Johanna Härtl (25) studied politics and history (M.A.) in Munich and Passau. She has been strengthening the Nuremberg Kaltwasser team with the main focus on citizen communication. since July 2017. Johanna, who comes from Upper Palatinate, reports on her first few months with the agency.

How did you experience your introduction to Kaltwasser?

JH: At the beginning the most important thing for me was to gain an overview - about all the customers, about our fields of activity and the "tools" with which we work, and not least the organisation and working methods in the main Nuremberg agency office. We're always dealing with things on a project basis and we normally support several customers at the same time, which means that the range of tasks just couldn't be wider. 

How can you use your expertise in the political communication sector particularly well at Kaltwasser? 

JH: Before I started working for Kaltwasser I was working in the Public Affairs department for a large German automobile manufacturer, and while I was doing my Master's thesis there I carried out a very detailed issue analysis. This experience now helps me when I'm dealing with things like observing, comparing and assessing stakeholders, their positions and interests, in other words especially in citizen communication.

What would you say is important in citizen communication?

JH: First of all one has to take the citizens' various concerns and interests seriously. The best thing to do is to react openly and honestly to all requests, reservations and even occasional strong criticism. My experience during four years as an employee in a state parliamentary group and during my time in an MPs office shows that it is important to communicate clearly. The important thing during political communication is to explain complex subject and arguments accurately in a generally understandable way, and this is one of my tasks at Kaltwasser.


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