Kaltwasser Kommunikation again among the top 30 PR agencies in germany

Kaltwasser Kommunikation ganz vorn bei Umwelt und Energiewirtschaft

Once again at the top in the environment and energy sectors: 2nd place each for Kaltwasser Kommunikation in the PR agency ranking

The energy industry, sustainability and environmental protection are issues close to Kaltwasser Kommunikation's heart. That is why the communication agency is dedicated to them in all its internal processes and, on top, sees them as the central communications mission of its clients. The agency, which is based in Nuremberg, Munich and Berlin, is passionate about supporting innovations in environmental protection or topics regarding the energy transition through target group-specific communication. This includes, for example, agenda setting around hydrogen technologies, circular economy and renewable energies. Because of its heart and passion in explaining energy, Kaltwasser Kommunikation was able to defend its two second places in energy industry and environment.

Our rankings in the German PR Agency Ranking 2021 at a glance: 

In the overall ranking, in which 113 agencies from all over Germany participated, Kaltwasser is in position 26. In the environment segment, the company remains in second place. Also, in energy management, Kaltwasser Kommunikation continues to occupy position 2

PR-Ranking 2021 placement Kaltwasser communication agency



PR Ranking Platz 2

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