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Digital transformation

Digitization and Digitalization are leading to fundamental changes in all areas of daily life. In economic terms, the change is having a massive and in some cases disruptive impact on companies and entrepreneurs: Strategic, structural and process-related changes mean that entire business models have to be questioned and revised in order to remain competitive.

Changing customer needs, innovative products and services from new competitors, and new technological and logistical challenges call for transformation processes across all industries.

Change processes in the context of digital transformation are not linear, but multidimensional. This new, sometimes high complexity requires intensive feedback between corporate vision and strategy, operational implementation, and all stakeholders involved.

Successful corporate communications communicate the requirements of digital transformation in an integrated manner and in dialog with all stakeholders. Dialogue is key to sustainably increase acceptance of the changes and it successively changes the corporate culture in a future-oriented way. The right communications strategy and the use of the right communications tools at the right time are a guarantee of success here.

We support you with our experience, strategic consulting and innovative, dialog-driven communication measures.

Our partners

In a team with strong partners, we map central consulting impulses under the catchwords "Inspire-Enable-Change" in order to initiate and implement a value chain within the framework of digital transformation. We support you in the successful transformation of your company – with clearly located expertise and at the same time from a single source. From the vision to the strategy to the implementation.

Digital Competence Lab - Shaping the future together

The best minds are actively engaged in your field. This is the only way to stay up-to-date in an ever faster moving world. The Digital Competence Lab was created to attract precisely these experts to your concerns. A decentralized network of experts specializing in future-proofing SMEs. Different areas required for the transformation are served with selected people.

These include the areas of Big Data and AI, recruiting, digital mindset, change management, research, product development, implementation support and much more. The future is made by people and people who think and act together are the most valuable "capital" of any organization. A modern mindset does not think in hierarchies and elbow mentality, but in networks, collaboration, participation and interaction.

That’s why the Digital Competence Lab is made up of the most diverse minds, because diversity ensures creativity. Let's shape YOUR future together.

The Digital Competence Lab was created by Sven Göth to support SMEs individually and effectively.

Experience our experts in

  • Keynotes (impulses from the future, transformation and change)
  • Coachings (workshops, sparring and processes)
  • Events (Experience Tours, Learning Journeys etc.)

ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION is a driving force for new (digital) business models,

designs the necessary organization and finds the right employees to make companies future-proof.

In this way, the two areas of "transformation support and implementation" and "finding, binding, retaining personalities" are combined from which organizations benefit, since both areas, which influence each other, come from the same single source.

The focus of ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION's work is on the digital mindset as a critical success factor for future competitiveness. For this purpose, ONESTOPTRANSFORMATION has developed the first personality test for the digital mindset – the Digital Competence Indicator.

  • Executive Search
  • Recruiting Process Outsourcing
  • Digital Competence Indicator
  • Candidate Coaching
  • Market Development
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • Reverse Mentoring

Agile Kitchen

Our innovative and communicative workshop format.
Agility for beginners: learn methods – promote digital mindset – empower teams.

While cooking in a team, participants learn the principles of SCRUM. Through the innovative presentation format of agile topics, participants gain practical experience and reduce fear of contact. Agile coaches and professional cooks assist the participants as "Scrum Master" and "Product Owner" and empower the teams.

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Nerdy Talk in der t3n

Was haben eine 80 Jahre alte Leiter, die englische Sprache, digitale Fachbegriffe und unterschiedliche sprachliche Abstraktionsniveaus gemeinsam?

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The Digital Transformation

is an ongoing and far-reaching change process. Inform and activate your stakeholders - leverage potentials.“