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Our commitment

We want to actively shape and positively influence our environment. Through our commitment, we also want to encourage and show: Together we can make a difference. In doing so, we support projects close to our hearts with donations and, above all, our time.

Do you have a suitable project for us to support? Then please contact us directly.

Plogging and cycling for the environment

For us, waste prevention is an important and, above all, not a one-off matter. That's why our colleagues are busy with the monthly plogging (from the Swedish word plocka = rubbish and jogging) in Munich, Berlin and Nuremberg and collect the rubbish that didn't make it into the bin. We stay fit, make our city cleaner and generate awareness for the issue of waste prevention.

We try to get to work every day in a CO2-saving way - whether by public transport, by bike or on foot. Due to our central location, this is also quite easy for most people. So it goes without saying that we take part in the "STADTRADELN" campaign every year. For three weeks, the idea is to get on your bike whenever possible and thus contribute to climate protection. The campaign also draws attention to the cycling infrastructure and the needs of cyclists. This year, with over 900 kilometres cycled as a team, we saved about 140 kg of carbon dioxide.

By the way: If you don't cycle with us, you can use a job ticket on public transport.

Pays attention to: SDG 3, 11 and 12

Committed to the CSR Network Nuremberg

The Nuremberg CSR network "Unternehmen Ehrensache" connects companies, non-profit organisations and municipalities or other public institutions. Our colleague Nina Rittler is a member of the caretaker group and, in addition to expanding social media work and communication support, helps organise the CSR Day. Making corporate responsibility a topic and promoting civic engagement of companies, i.e. corporate volunteering, in the Nuremberg region is a matter of concern to us! For example, we recommend that companies participate in the volunteer day "IN AKTION".

Pays attention to: SDG 8 and 11

Day of action Unternehmen Ehrensache

We encourage our employees to volunteer, for example through the "IN AKTION" day of action organised by Unternehmen Ehrensache. On this day, volunteers from companies work on charitable projects free of charge.

In July 2022, we were out and about in Nuremberg together with mothers and fathers from the AWO parent education programme and gave them a guided tour of the old town in Nuremberg. In everyday life, parents do not always find time for this. On the day of action, the participants were able to get to know their city anew and make valuable new contacts.

Staying in touch with the grandchildren or making online transfers with the smartphone - digital participation is becoming increasingly important. That's why, together with the senior citizens' network Eberhardshof, we showed senior citizens tips and tricks on smartphones and tablets according to their needs. Whether activating WLAN, navigating or making a video call - we also took a lot away for ourselves from this generation dialogue and experienced great encounters.

Pays attention to: SDG 11

Social media activities at the Bayern 07 sports club

We support the swimming pool club Bayern 07 Bad in the heart of Nuremberg on a voluntary basis with various communication and marketing measures. The kickoff was in the summer of 2021: here, students from the Technical University of Ilmenau designed communication concepts for the club in their practical seminar under the direction of our founder Brigitte Kaltwasser. The measures of the young talent agency, which were convincing in the end, will be implemented jointly by us and Bayern 07 Bad in the coming period.

We at Kaltwasser have also designed a social media strategy for the club. Since 2021, we have been using Instagram and Facebook to bring the swimming pool to life and show the diverse activities such as swimming, stand-up paddling, tennis and more. In 2022, we will continue this commitment and accompany the social media work of Bayern 07 Bad.

We ourselves have a company membership for our employees, who can relax in the green oasis after work.

Pays attention to SDG 3 and 11

Sustainability Communication at the NUREMBERG DIGITAL FESTIVAL

The Nuremberg Digital Festival (#nuedigital) connects people in the Nuremberg metropolitan region once a year for eleven days around the central topics of digitalization in business, science, education, and culture. In 2023, at our event 'Communicating Sustainability - But How?', various experts provided valuable insights into their sustainability communication and shared practical examples. The conclusion: Transparency, honesty, credibility, comprehensibility, and focusing on the essentials are the foundation and key to successful sustainability communication. It's important to make the successes visible to everyone, both internally and externally. Moreover, from 2016 to 2023, we provided regional and national communication work and were the official press contact for the Nuremberg Digital Festival.

Pays attention to SDG 8 and 11

Pro bono crisis counselling during the Corona pandemic

The Corona pandemic is a major challenge for the economy. Small and medium-sized enterprises are sometimes particularly affected. Since March 2020, we have been providing pro bono advice to distressed SMEs across Germany on many challenges such as a threatened business model or a Corona outbreak among employees. For many companies, it's not about image, but simply about survival. We also offer artists, solo self-employed people and SMEs help to help themselves with two free booklets on crisis management.

Pays attention to SDG 8 and 11

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