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Social commitment

We want to actively shape and positively influence our environment. Through our commitment, we also want to encourage and show: Together we can make a difference. In doing so, we support projects close to our hearts with donations and, above all, our time.

Do you have a suitable project for us to support? Then please contact us directly.

Pro Bono Crisis Counseling in the Corona Pandemic

The Corona Pandemic is a major challenge for the economy. Especially small and medium-sized companies are sometimes particularly affected. The business model is threatened? There is a Corona outbreak among employees? Or customers are migrating to online business models? The challenges can be manifold.

Kaltwasser Kommunikation has been advising SMEs in need pro bono throughout Germany since March 2020. Because for many companies it is not about image but simply about survival. We also offer self-help to artists, solo self-employed and SMEs in the form of two free booklets on crisis management.

Opel Blitz should drive again

With a crowdfunding campaign, the Pavelsbach fire department wants to bring a fire truck from 1968 back to life. The old Opel "Blitz" is sustainable, heart-warming and serves a good cause. Above all, it symbolizes cohesion and togetherness in unsteady times.

Kaltwasser Kommunikation supported the campaign financially as part of its 2020 Christmas campaign and made it known to a large circle of customers and friends.

Christkistlasmarkt – Nürnberger Engel and Excudit Magazine

In this broad alliance of companies and restaurateurs from the region together with the Nürnberger Engel, an annual appeal is made to collect food and hygiene items for homeless people in the pre-Christmas period. The inverted Advent calendar is filled with 24 useful little items. The Nürnberger Engel then distribute the "Christkistla".

We participate in the reverse Advent calendar because people in need can use all the help they can get, especially during winter.

"Art in Prison" – JVA Nürnberg

In 2003, an art group was founded at the JVA Nürnberg specifically for prisoners in pre-trial detention. Creative ideas were developed in joint sessions, which in turn result in impressive paintings. Art and creativity give the inmates the opportunity to develop freely and, above all, to reflect.

Kaltwasser Kommunikation has raised awareness of this important project through the media

Emanuel Wöhrl Foundation

The Emanuel Foundation is committed to helping the weakest members of society: children. The aim of the foundation is to help children and young people - in developing countries as well as in Germany - in acute emergencies and to contribute to a sustainable improvement of their situation.

We are convinced of the importance of the foundation and have designed, written and set up the foundation's website and developed the foundation's logo.

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