Today, more than ever, our daily business is caught in the tension between profitability and sustainability. In these fast-moving times, lasting values are therefore in demand above all. Experience shows that only those companies whose values truly reflect their corporate culture will be successful in the long term. Because these not only shape the identity of an organization, they also serve as an important guide for employees. We as owners and managing directors at Kaltwasser Kommunikation position your company together with you communicatively in the long term, sustainably and resiliently.

Brigitte Kaltwasser

Brigitte Kaltwasser, founder of the agency and mother of four, has mastered war room scenarios not only from a PR point of view. She combines well-founded communication know-how, crisis management and mediation methods with a benefit-oriented way of thinking.

Growing up in Munich-Schwabing, Brigitte Kaltwasser had her first contact with media and journalism at the Süddeutsche Zeitung while studying politics at the Ludwig Maximilian University.

In addition to her work as managing director, the communication expert and former journalist is committed to her teaching assignments, among others at the Technical University of Ilmenau, on her special field of crisis communication. Excellent contacts to the media scene, to business associations and chambers as well as to Bavarian and Berlin ministries make Brigitte Kaltwasser a welcome permanent guest of Deutsche Bahn and an enthusiastic test driver of the Tesla Autopilot. Her heart also beats for energy self-sufficiency, and since 2016 she has been testing reduced and sustainable living models worldwide - not only in and with her Tinyhouse Karl.

Bernd Hendl

Bernd Hendl is the art director of graphics and design at Kaltwasser Kommunikation. Previously, he was managing director of the advertising agency fixpunkt, which he founded, for more than 25 years.

Since 1997, Bernd Hendl has moved in the intersection between logic, technical understanding and goal-oriented creativity. The trained artwork manufacturer and retoucher has experienced and shaped the transformation of the creative industry from print to online and the merging of advertising, marketing and communication at first hand. With Fixpunkt GmbH, he took on a pioneering role in digital image processing and the digital creation of print products in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. The conception and design of advertising campaigns, catalogues, brochures and advertisements, the development of online shops as well as internet services from screen design to programming and web hosting completed the portfolio. In recent years, the creation of visual materials for corporate communication has taken on an increasingly important role.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Bernd Hendl was a co-lecturer for colour management at the Technical University of Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm for many years. He lives out his sporting vein on the "TiKiTi" football table he developed himself, while art finds expression in painting and in his unbridled desire to try things out.

Andreas Schauerte

Andreas Schauerte is the managing director of Kaltwasser Kommunikation's human resources department. He is responsible for internal and change communication and regularly works as a crisis consultant.

After studying law and passing the second Bavarian state exams in Würzburg and Schweinfurt, Andreas Schauerte initially worked as a lawyer in Erlangen before deciding to rebrand his profile as a consultant under the banner of Kaltwasser Kommunikation: constructive and communicative, creative and conceptual. He attaches great importance to objectively assessing situations and looking at them from a wide variety of perspectives and angles. Always putting people at the centre is the basis of his work as a consultant and human resources manager.

From a failed career as a rock star, Andreas Schauerte retained his enthusiasm for creative design, catchy slogans and cross-media concepts, and from his legal background his enthusiasm for varied consulting activities. The father of three children is a passionate music lover, loves the German language, visionary science fiction literature and intelligent video games. As a native of Westphalia in northern Bavaria, he knows from his own experience the value of comprehensible and target-group-oriented communication.

Christina Heinickel

As part of the management team, Christina Heinickel is responsible for corporate communications and agency marketing with all aspects of Kaltwasser Kommunikation's external presentation.

Christina Heinickel joined Kaltwasser directly after completing her M.A. in Sociology, Psychology and Intercultural Business Communication. After stopovers at other agencies and companies, she has been a permanent part of our management since 2016. In strategic consulting for global players and medium-sized companies, she transforms big ideas into attention-grabbing campaigns that intuitively capture minds and hearts. Her communication focus areas are: Corporate Communications, Thought Leadership Content Development and Storytelling.