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Crisis communication

Crisis management is a discipline we also elaborated hard through own experiences and our long-term expertise in communications business. Reputation takes years to build and only a few seconds to destroy.

A crisis or issue impacts the whole business and communications is keen. All shareholders as well as the public are interested in "what´s going on". Not to communicate is not possible, wrong communication is violating your business - and often generating additional media alerts, the so-called secondary crisis.

For your external and internal communications during crisis count other rules. We are pleased to support you on C-level for this special challenge - and have been teaching this since 2001 at various universities.

We steer you to the safe harbor in stormy times - with the following measures:

  • Crisis plan development and tools, especially vulnerability assessment and audits
  • War-room trainings and simulations
  • Media trainings: practical exercises including camera training
  • Preparation of contingency plans, crisis manuals and crisis monitoring (off- and online)
  • Longterm issues management
  • Crisis communications - on c-level as well as within a team, national and international (

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