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Inspiration, information,

entertainment with added value

Social Media

Professional exchange on LinkedIn, video tutorials on YouTube and glimpses behind the scenes on Instagram - social media has become an indispensable part of communication. Whether in the B2B or B2C sector, social networks offer companies, associations and institutions a wide range of opportunities to build up and address their community where it is.

  • What topics move my target group?
  • What do participants say about my webinar?
  • Which multipliers do I want to network with?

Facebook, Twitter and Co. are the perfect place to find out and have a lively dialogue at eye level with your own target group.

Social media is a central component of every holistic campaign we carry out. We support our clients in keeping an ear close to the community on the social web, tracking down trends and topics and playing relevant messages via the appropriate channels - from strategy and conception to implementation and community management to monitoring performance and success.

Strategy is Queen

Much more than cat videos: We design our clients' social media communication in such a way that it consistently pays off in terms of corporate goals. To achieve this, we combine creative ideas with valid data analyses and develop convincing concepts.

  • Setting up a social media strategy in coordination with the overarching communication strategy
  • Target group analysis
  • Platform selection
  • Market and competitor monitoring
  • Continuous consulting
  • Campaign conception
  • Visual language and wording
  • Crisis plan
  • Analytics, reporting, KPIs
  • Evaluation and campaign optimisation

Content is King

Inform, entertain, inspire: Posts and stories that are attractively presented and with added value become a thumbstopper and remain in memory. We bring the topics of our customers channel-specifically into the feed of their target group - in an attractive look and with targeted distribution.

  • Development and expansion of profiles
  • Editorial planning
  • Content creation according to the requirements of the individual platforms
  • Operational support of the accounts
  • Content distribution
  • Topic and trend analysis
  • Social media marketing

Focus on "social“

Social media does not end beyond company profiles. On the contrary, the real dialogue only begins in the users’ feeds. Employees report on their specialist topics, the community exchanges views on trends. We support our clients not only with the maintenance of the company accounts, but also always involve both colleagues and the target group in order to optimise reach, authenticity and exchange. To this end, we always work closely with those responsible in-house and act as an interface between departments and stakeholders.

  • Social media guidelines and FAQs
  • Workshops and training
  • Social media readiness assessment
  • Interface with departments and internal stakeholders
  • Netiquette
  • Corporate influencers
  • Networking with multipliers
  • Community Management

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Christina Heinickel

Christina Heinickel
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Content is King.
But strategy is queen.

It takes both to communicate successfully on social media.“