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Leaving marks on the internet

Online communication


Online communication is a strategically planned part of the entire corporate communications. The choice of platforms and channels that can be recorded is enormous. Almost always, opportunities and risks go hand in hand. This is why sensitivity and accuracy constantly play essential roles in the matter of online communication.

With our expertise, we help you to build or improve your online relations:

  • Creation of appropriate online strategy (B2B and B2C)
  • Content-related conception for websites, particularly the press area
  • Editorial support for websites
  • Content marketing
  • Advice on social media activities
  • Monitoring of forums, blogs and online media
  • Issues management in all relevant online forums and communities
  • Design and creation of audio and video content
  • Content-related conception for dialogue-based platforms such as blogs
  • Design and creation of newsletters
  • Market observation in the online environment
  • Reporting and analysis of online activities
  • Word-of-mouth and influencer campaigns


  • Erstellung einer integrierten Online-Strategie (B2B und B2C) im Kontext der übergeordneten Kommunikations-Strategie
  • Konzeption einer kanalübergreifenden Content-Strategie

Digitale Erlebnisse

  • Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) und Search-Engine-Marketing (SEM)
  • Word-of-Mouth- und Influencerkampagnen
  • Beratung zu Social Media-Aktivitäten (Strategie, Umsetzung, Ads)


  • Content Marketing
  • Inhaltliche Konzeption und redaktionelle Betreuung von Websites
  • Konzeption und Erstellung von Audio- und Video-Content
  • Konzeption und Texterstellung für Blogs, Newsletter, etc.


  • Markt-Beobachtung und Wettbewerberanalyse
  • Reporting und Auswertung der Online-Aktivitäten

Your contact person

Ann-Charlott Stegbauer
+49 911 530 63-114