Shaping Sustainability

We live sustainability - the topic has been close to our hearts for many years. We have long been committed to a greener, fairer and more social world. But this also means that we must constantly rethink our actions, put in more effort and work on ourselves.

Big changes require many small steps. That's why our motto is: #simplymake. We are tackling it now, changing the small things that we can easily change and continuously seeking solutions for the big things that need to change.

Communicating sustainability

Sustainability has become a key image factor in external communication. Whether CEO communication or employees as ambassadors: authentic sustainability communication can only succeed if the transformation in the company is exemplified by the management, internal motivators regularly inform about the topic and thus sustainable thinking is seriously anchored. We help our clients to authentically communicate their sustainability activities.

Focus on sustainability

Our first “green” certificate

The journey is the reward - bayern innovativ accompanied us on this journey as part of a sustainability assessment in 2021. The Corporate Sustainability Navigator helped us to reflect on where we stand with our commitment and where our potential for development lies in the four dimensions of economic, social, ecological sustainability and management of sustainable development.

The benchmarking compared 35 European companies with up to 100 employees in the information and communications sector. Our success rate is above average. That encourages us.

Our sustainability goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are global goals for sustainable development of the 2030 Agenda. They are addressed to the government as well as to civil society, science and the private sector. They include topics such as the increased commitment to peace, the fight against corruption, but also the protection of the climate and resources.

We have set ourselves the following four goals. Why? Because this is where we can make the most change and contribute to sustainable business:

SDG 3 Health and wellbeing:

Maintain and actively promote the physical and mental health of our colleagues, partners and customers.

SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth:

Organic change in the company is endorsed.
We encourage the development of colleagues, clients, tasks.
Fair salaries and opportunity for flexibility and time off.
Respectful interaction with each other across all hierarchies.

SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities:

Understand flexible working as an opportunity to save space, commuting, etc.
We are committed to neighbourhoods at our locations. 
We enjoy working for clients who are involved in the sustainable development of cities and communities.

SDG 12 Sustainable consumption and production:

We create awareness for sustainable consumption among all employees and encourage continuous reflection.
We aim to make measurable reductions every year.

Your contact person

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In our company we are living and shaping sustainability

internally and with our customers. Since our company’s foundation this has been an integral part of our corporate DNA.”