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Public Affairs

Interaction and principles of economy and policy are constantly changing, especially in the context of increasing globalization. Therefore, companies must be capable to react extremely flexible to new issues, drawbacks and opportunities.

Now the task of Public Affairs is to build relationships with the relevant dialogue groups of a company, to maintain and simultaneously represent the company's interests in the particular political context at these groups. Since no company can act isolated from society or policy, the company´s interests have always an impact to different social areas.

We advise organizations and companies to improve their relationship with their political environment.

  • Analysis of the political and social environment of the commissioning organization
  • Strategic management of decision-making processes at the interface between politics, economy and society
  • Government Relations: Establishment of an immediate and long-lasting dialogue with the legislature
  • Methods of classical Public Relations (press and media relations, issue management etc.)
  • Communication with and counseling of relevant decision makers either through opinion leaders and the media or directly.
  • Organization of the company´s external relations with governments, parliaments, communities, administrations, organizations and institutions
  • Political Monitoring
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Nevertheless we focus our Public Affairs activities on the topic of sustainability. The support of sustainable structures, the clearing of important cases, the dialogue between key groups and their networking belong to our strengths in the field of Public Affairs. We build bridges between companies, politics, associations and economy. 

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Brigitte Kaltwasser
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