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Creating dialogue and

participation opportunities

Citizen dialogue

Where large construction and infrastructure projects are planned, proper communication is essential. A house cannot be built without workers and tools on the construction site. For a large construction project that is in the public interest, dialogue with citizens, politicians and the professional public is crucial.

During the initial planning stages, in the course of the approval procedure or in the construction phase: project promoters need acceptance, consent and backing from politicians, associations, authorities and citizens for a successful project. Communication should always pick up and accompany all relevant stakeholders. Whether it is an urban district, a bypass, a power line, an underground track or a commercial area - infrastructure projects are increasingly becoming the focus of public interest. Are they environmentally and climate friendly? What are the social aspects of the project?

We support companies in shaping the dialogue in such a way that there is an understanding between all parties involved. This is the basis for building and growing trust in the infrastructure project and its promoter.

We develop the roadmap.

Together with our clients, we develop dialogue and participation concepts that are tailor-made for the respective project. We develop communication strategies and measures that target and involve all stakeholder groups. To do this, we sound out the environment of each project and keep a constant eye on it.

This is how we design the strategy:

  • Dialogue and participation concepts
  • Action planning
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Issue monitoring

We lead the dialogue.

In close cooperation with planners and technicians, we enter into dialogue with the people. We support our clients with our hearts and hands in the implementation of different dialogue formats - whether it is events, roundtable discussions or digital formats. In doing so, we see ourselves as bridge builders: we prepare complex contexts and technical details in a generally understandable way and which is also appropriate for the target group. We sensitise our clients to the language and needs of their counterparts.

This is how we shape information and dialogue:

  • Conception and organisation of information and dialogue events (face-to-face and online formats)
  • Moderation of dialogue formats
  • Conception and editing of print materials (flyers, factsheets, posters, etc.)
  • Conception and editing of websites and blogs
  • Conception and realisation of digital animations, charts and models
  • Design and editing of newsletters
  • Development of social media strategies and editorial implementation
  • Conception and realisation of videos
  • Press and media relations

We shape participation.

Where citizens and experts can actively participate in shaping a project, approval for the project and trust in the executing agency grow. Together with our clients, we develop tailor-made concepts for the right degree of participation. Regardless of whether it is a matter of involving specialised authorities, experts from associations and societies or citizens: if people can have a say in changes in their environment, the project benefits from the ideas and professional impulses of those involved.

This is how we make participation possible:

  • Conception and organisation of participation formats online and offline:
  • Planning workshops
    • citizens' forums
    • expert discussions
    • neighbourhood dialogues
  • Moderation of participation formats (face-to-face and online events)
  • Mediation

We make project sponsors strong in communication.

The best spokesperson for a project is the developer himself. Our aim is to strengthen and empower our clients themselves in matters of communication. We act as advisors and trainers so that planners and technicians can easily handle their next appearance in front of the camera, the upcoming project presentation in the municipal council or the discussion with critical citizens.

This is how we empower project teams:

  • Media and camera training
  • Conversation training
  • Training for speeches and presentations


  • Dialogue and participation concepts
  • Action planning
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Issue monitoring

Dialogue and information

  • Information and dialogue events (face-to-face and online formats)
  • Moderation
  • Print materials (flyers, factsheets, posters, etc.)
  • Websites and blogs
  • Digital animations, charts, models
  • Newsletters
  • Social media strategy
  • Videos
  • Press and media relations


  • Conception, organisation and implementation:
    • Planning workshops
    • Citizens' forums
    • Expert discussions
    • Neighbourhood dialogues
  • Moderation
  • Mediation


  • Media and camera training
  • Conversation training
  • Training for lectures and presentations

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