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seit 1990

Communication, that moves!

As an owner-managed PR agency headquartered in Nuremberg, we focus on communicating products and brands of medium-sized and international companies in the various publics since more than 25 years.

We are experienced in internal and external communication processes. Always keeping the aim to position the products and brands of our clients within a sustainable and public perception. We want to increase their value through communication.

Our competences are brand building, increasing visibility, optimization of media contacts, improvement of communication skills or media trainings. We support you reliably and with full commitment.

Facing the challenges of the 21st century we center the issue of sustainability in our communication activities.

PR-Ranking Germany 2017

The latest PR ranking for 2017 has now been published. By the reporting date, a total of 133 agencies had participated. We are particularly pleased about the good placings we have achieved again.

Kaltwasser occupied the following positions in PR-Ranking 2017: