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Press and public relations work

The strategic orientation of your press and public relations work is the be-all and end-all of the internal and external communication of companies or organisations - and thus nothing other than the successful relationship management of all your subpublics.

We support you in establishing and expanding relationships with your stakeholders. Because only open communication creates sympathy and understanding for your actions.

We actively support you with a range of communication instruments, adapted to your goals and needs:  

  •     Press and media relations: Writing and distributing press releases, topic planning, topic contributions for various media, answering press enquiries, organising journalist trips and interviews, press conferences,  press invitations, etc.
  •     Media monitoring: Preparation of press reviews as well as quantitative and qualitative media resonance analyses
  •     Communication controlling: "Measurability" and evaluation of PR activities
  •     Media design: creation of brochures, flyers, advertisements, newsletters and advertorials
  •     Event organisation: planning and implementation of conferences, seminars, trade fairs and other events (e.g. Meet and Greet)
  •     Trainings: Media training and coaching


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