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Startup Consulting

From zero to one hundred with GroupXS and Reportheld

Communication consulting is governed by certain rules which can generally be applied to both small and large customers. But consulting for startups differs from working for an established company in many respects – because target audiences first need to be familiarised with the companies and products. This first requires identifying relevant content and preparing it in a shareable way, before then building up contacts and developing communication channels. At the same time, the competition and market environment must also be sounded out – and all with limited funds.

That’s why we devised a communication concept for upcoming Bayreuth-based mobile business app specialists GroupXS Solutions GmbH initially aimed at establishing fundamental structures. We also offer “help with self-help” on the side, enabling the customer to create some of its content itself. This facilitates effective 360° communication, even with tight budgets. Working with us, GroupXS was thus soon able to post articles and interviews in numerous print and online media, publish a tutorial on YouTube, and start up a newsletter. We are now using this basis to increase reach and further hone the brand profile.


Agency Services: Corporate communication - Creating a comprehensive communication plan focused on “helping with self-help”; media relations; composing and posting (specialist) articles; comprehensive consulting and support with website & press work, newsletter, tutorial on the “Reportheld” app; increasing reach and unlocking new target industries


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