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Change communication


Digital transformation has changed customer needs, made traditional processes, products and services unnecessary and created entirely new requirement profiles. Entire companies need to rethink their strategic orientation, re-position themselves and adapt in order to keep pace with development. In order for the change to succeed and the company to benefit from changes permanently, it is of central importance to involve employees and managers in the change process to motivate them to participate.

With focused, agile change communications you will provide orientation even in turbulent times and ensure that the change, in all its aspects, is understood, exemplified and lived and is supported in all areas of your business.<br/> As a partner and service provider, we will be at your side during every phase of your change project so that you use your communication channels strategically and in a way that uses the content effectively whilst also

  • identifying key messages and preparing them to meet the needs of specific target groups
  • presenting backgrounds in an understandable manner
  • communicating at the right time via the appropriate information channels
  • motivating leaders and managers and enabling them to actively represent change and carry it forward
  • maintaining the employees' motivation and the company’s performance
  • strengthening the identification with the company and making the employees brand ambassadors
  • keeping qualified staff in the company
  • presenting the company as a value-oriented employer to the outside world

Whether you’re a global group, a young start-up or a traditional family company; whether you’re restructuring, merging or there’s a change of strategy: Remain flexible and rise to the challenges of global digitalised markets. Activate your potential - the one that already exists - your employees.

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