Digital Transformation requires change communication

Change communication

Change Communication

Description of situation:

A publicly traded company with ca. 2,500 employees faces disruptive changes due to digitalization. In view of the rapid change of an entire industry, the company faces the following challenges:

  • Omni-channel capability becomes necessary for survival
    • Customer behavior and needs change (ROPO)
    • Online becomes the most important sales channel
    • New competitors establish themselves on the market with innovative products
    • New products require new sales channels
  • Securing future-readiness and work places and avoiding brain drain
    • Restructuring
    • Qualification and education
    • Gaining and maintaining hi-potentials

Organizational measures inside the company:

  • Organizational and personnel changes
  • Development of new units, offices and subsidiaries
  • Establishment of new operative units
  • Targeted recruiting: development of certain areas
  • Work place reduction and restructuring: closing certain departments
  • Diversification of product portfolio
  • Unification of products and availability for all channels
  • Omni-channel restructuring of sales

Impact on employees:

  • Some job descriptions become obsolete, others become more important
  • Staff should have / develop new competences and skills
  • Promotion of thinking and working across locations and departments
  • Rollout / intensification of new working methods (agile processes / scrum / new team structures)

Impact on management:

  • Active embodiment of changes and credible identification with methods and goals
  • Implementation of change process in respective scope of responsibility
  • Supporter and contact persons for employees
  • Continuous information of employees in cascaded information flow
  • Promotion of new working methods, innovative though patterns and modern company culture


Our services:

Communication concept:

Derivation of communication goals from change process:

  • Information, motivation and activation of management and employees
  • Understanding of needs and supporting resulting measures
  • Active integration of all departments and levels in change process
  • Promoting commitment and initiative
  • Winning employees and management as messengers (employer branding)

Communication measures:

  • Development of a sound and identity-providing "change story"
  • Derivation of a consistent communication strategy
  • Definition of core messages (internal and external)
  • Continuous internal communication of results and processes
  • Establishment of fixed formats for different online and offline channels
  • Representation of spectrum of subjects of the process (strategy – emotion)
  • Establishing a team of managers and employees as
    • cross-section of the company
    • "Mood barometer"
    • Content generator
    • Driver and messenger
  • Developing and determining goals together
  • Celebrating success and milestones together

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