KARL & FERDINAND – smart brothers for a smart Nuremberg

The next Tiny House generation for self-sufficient living makes a stop in Franconia

How does energy transition work, how sexy can self-sufficient living be and how does "future" work? Wohnwagon KARL will be followed by the next smart...


Success factors of digital employee communication 2020

"Communication is the core of the employee experience"

Why it pays off to invest in content strategies for your own employees now

International Agency Alliances

Borderless communication consulting that moves

Independent agency network for global expertise

In cooperation with international partner agencies, Kaltwasser Kommunikation advises clients across national borders – and has done so for a long...

30 years Kaltwasser Kommunikation

30 years of Kaltwasser Kommunikation

30 years of communication that moves - a big thank you to all who accompany us

30 Jahre bewegende Kommunikation, 30 Jahre Wegbereiter und -begleiter für spannende Kampagnen, Marken und Transformationsprozesse. Was bringt die...

[Translate to English:] Videokonferenz bei Bürgerbeteiligung

Public participation in 2020: Everything online?

How public participation can succeed even with contact restrictions

Due to contact restrictions, many participation procedures are currently at a standstill. Do we have to?


Among the top 5 agencies in Bavaria in the current PR ranking

Energy system transformation and digital transformation as growth accelerators

In the 30th year after its foundation, Kaltwasser Kommunikation continues its course for growth, especially in the segments energy industry and...

[Translate to English:] Corona Krisenkommunikation

Help for self-help in Corona times

Crisis communication for small businesses, self-employed and artists

Small businesses and the self-employed can find free central crisis communication tips and simple text templates for this exceptional situation.

[Translate to English:] Bürgerbeteiligung bei Großprojekten

Public participation in large-scale projects - that is what the mayor candidates want to do

What the mayor candidates think about citizen participation in large projects

We wanted to know which concepts the Nuremberg mayor candidates are planning for citizen participation in large-scale projects. These are their...

[Translate to English:] Krisenkommunikation bei Cypercrime

First aid in case of hacker and cyber attacks

The most important steps for crisis communication

Data theft, blackmail or malware - how to protect your company, your employees and your customers



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#throwbackthursday Unser nachhaltiges Minihome Karl verbindet die...
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Ready To Watch Presseclub Nürnberg! Wir nehmen heute #digital an der...
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