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Visibility through

strong positioning

Corporate communication

In the best case, the company name immediately generates a positive feeling. Then the corporate brand as well as its products or services radiate trust, security and sympathy.

With corporate communications, we shape the reputation of a company or organization. After all, it is precisely the image that is decisive for perception, customer loyalty and the identification of the company's own employees with the company. However, this image does not come into being overnight – it is the result of hard work.

We connect all measures

This is where corporate communications comes into play as a communicative and thematic bracket. It includes a strong positioning, the right interaction with the media and the creation of a uniform image (corporate identity) to the outside world. It links the entire repertoire of internal and external communications into an integrated system. This approach aims at addressing all target groups consistently - across communication channels, across national borders, 24/7.

Consistent values are crucial

The core messages of corporate communications are derived from the defined values of the corporate strategy and provided with long-term goals. By sustainably sharpening the corporate profile, the image is strengthened while a basis for understanding corporate decisions is created at the same time. This has a resilience-increasing effect and promotes attractiveness in the competition for the best talents.

Our contribution to successful corporate communications

  • Profile raising
  • Image building and maintenance
  • Value communication
  • Employer Branding
  • Issue Management
  • Change Communication
  • Internal Communication

In detail

  • Definition of core messages
  • Creating a communicative guiding idea
  • Advice on communication tools
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Workshops & coaching
  • CEO positioning
  • Media agenda setting
  • Cross-media campaigns
  • Integrated communication across all channels
  • Corporate Design
  • Success control

Further information

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Corporate communication

means reputation building and image cultivation. We ensure charisma."