Development of corporate communications for hydrogen filling stations

At Maximator Hydrogen, we prepare target group-oriented and comprehensible storylines for an important topic of the future.

360° corporate communication

Green hydrogen is the key element for the long-term success of the energy transition worldwide. As a leading provider and developer of comprehensive system solutions for the entire hydrogen technology value chain, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH understands the importance of long-term and sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the mobility sector. Fuelled by their great passion for innovative technological solutions and the ambition to contribute to a better tomorrow, Maximator Hydrogen has been developing and manufacturing hydrogen refuelling stations and new H2 technologies that can help various infrastructures worldwide achieve climate neutrality since 2017 - at that time still under the sister Maximator GmbH.

Since 2021, we have been supporting the H2 spin-off and subsidiary of the Schmidt Kranz Group in setting up its corporate communications and operational press and public relations, whose first peak and mileage came with the official launch of Maximator Hydrogen GmbH in early 2022.

Communication objectives:

  • Building the corporate communication
  • Definition and development of the brand with core brand values
  • Establishing and expanding brand awareness and visibility in the relevant target groups
  • Positioning as an expert
  • Sales support

From strategy to operative doing

Analysing and determining target groups, creating core messages, defining unique selling points, sharpening the company profile: The groundwork for our PR clients is extensive; only in this way we can accurately play out complex topics in need of explanation, especially in the field of technology PR, to the central target groups with effective storytelling and wording. Our approach is to create a consistent approach to all target groups within the framework of the jointly defined goals - across communication channels and national borders.

The starting point for this is a stringent communication strategy. We developed this in a joint workshop with Maximator Hydrogen and derived it from the existing corporate strategy. With this strategy, we set initial impulses and lay the foundation for successful and long-term communication. Together with Maximator Hydrogen, we defined communication goals, USPs and central media segments and created a roadmap with concrete measures and milestones to make the upcoming communication activities measurable.

Agency Services: Kickoff & strategy workshops, Creation and sharpening of the company profile, Definition of the unique selling propositions (USPs), Deriving and formulating the communication goals from the corporate goals, Analysis and definition of target groups (stakeholder mapping), Development of core messages, Communication concept, Roadmap: Development of a concrete time and action plan, Continuous consulting , Media relations (press office, press enquiries, proactive pitching of Maximator Hydrogen topics), Agenda setting, Topic management, Texts (interviews, press releases, technical articles, case studies)

Explaining complex topics to the target group

After the basis was laid with the communication strategy and concept, the next step was to prepare the complex topic of "hydrogen filling stations", its importance for climate change and for Germany as a centre of innovation in an attractive and target group-oriented way for stakeholders and trade media in the daily operative press work. We achieve this by placing case studies, specialist articles and expert interviews, among other things. 

Communicative support for the company launch

The first peak and milestone of our communication was the official launch of Maximator Hydrogen GmbH in January 2022, for which we provided support in the run-up to the slogan and logo development, both of which reflect the DNA and future of the new company. In preparation for the launch, we built a communicative ramp on a communicative level with continuous media work in the months beforehand, with which we generated initial visibility in the professional world and built up awareness.

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Analyse and determine target groups,

formulate core messages, define unique selling points: This is the only way to play out complex topics in need of explanation to the right target group with the appropriate storytelling and wording."