AEG: Word of Mouth campaigns

Word of Mouth campaigns

The Community as Brand Messenger 

From the community for the community: honest reports of experience on social media are becoming increasingly important for the assessment of products. Because consumers trust the credible experience of other users. That is at the heart of Word of Mouth.

Do AEG products keep their promises? For proof, the testers from the far-reaching Burda Communities “Freundin Trendlounge”, “Bunte VIP-Lounge” and “Fit for Fun Friends” were able to thoroughly test the AEG models under real conditions. After all, the toughest test runs and uses for vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances are found in everyday use at home.

In 2016, Kaltwasser Communication conducted five Word of Mouth campaigns for AEG. More campaigns will follow, as the everyday tests under real conditions proved AEG right: In two tests AEG achieved recommendation rates of 96 percent and in three tests AEG actually received recommendation rates of 100 percent.

What do test seals and WoM campaigns achieve?

Use of the recommendation seal on Amazon and in specialist shops has an extremely positive effect on the sales of the product in question. Furthermore, the testers have shared their positive experiences on Facebook, YouTube and blogs for all they were worth. This is not only effective and targeted, but it is also the most credible existing form of advertising.

Immerse yourself in the AEG test campaigns and be inspired: 


Agency service: Product communication- advice and recommending the appropriate WoM platform; outstanding contacts with Burda, Gruner und Jahr, etc., which have very far-reaching platforms; conception, briefing, support, monitoring and evaluation of the WoM campaigns; use of the seal in further-reaching PR work 

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