Nürnberg Digital Festival: PR Consulting and Media Relations

Regional communications work for the Nürnberg Digital Festival - an open network of the digital and creative industries in the Nuremberg metropolitan region

PR Consulting

The Nuremberg metropolitan region becomes the meeting place of digital Germany

The Nuremberg Digital Festival is an annual event series of the digital society. As an open network, the festival (formerly Nürnberg Web Week) has been connecting people and organizations from business, technology, education and culture in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region since 2012. We support the Nürnberg Digital Festival since 2016.

Hybrid format from 2020 is continued

From Nuremberg via Erlangen to Coburg, Bamberg, Fürth, Ansbach, Neumarkt and many more, the Nürnberg Digital Festival brings the region together: in 2019, over 16,000 visitors attended more than 330 events over 10 days on the topics of mobility, digital health, FinsurTech, digital society, the changing world of work, development and technology as well as art and culture. In the pandemic year 2020, the innovative "Remote" edition of the festival enabled interactive exchange and a festival feeling at home – despite lockdown. In 2020, the community event was thus once again the place where encounters and dialogue on the digital future take place.

Communications work by Kaltwasser Kommunikation

We at Kaltwasser Kommunikation are pleased to provide regional and nationwide communications work and to be the official press contact for the Nürnberg Digital Festival. Our activities include classic PR consulting, corporate communication, and the creation of a wide variety of text contributions. We also design and organize TV and print interviews as well as press events - on-site, hybrid or virtual, such as the event "Dürer goes Digital" and the annual press conference for the opening of the Nürnberg Digital Festival. Impressions of the Nürnberg Digital Festival can be found here.

Impressionen des Nürnberg Digital Festivals finden Sie hier.

Impressions from the media coverage can be found here:

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Nordbayern.de: Ab ins Netz! Nürnberg Digital Festival startet heute
BR: Diesmal nur Online: Das Nürnberg Digital Festival gestartet

Image: ©Jens Liebenberg

The Nürnberg Digital Festival 2021 will take place from 09 to 19 July 2021. You can find more information about the Nürnberg Digital Festival here. 

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Andreas Schauerte
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Communication is a central element

of the digital transformation. After all, digital participation is the order of the day. Many people have little or no understanding of digitization and digital buzzwords. We need to provide information and explain the benefits of digital transformation, and perhaps also remove a few fears here and there.“