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SIEMENS Case Study

SIEMENS Case Study

We have been supporting the company Siemens AG in an extensive variety of communication disciplines over the years and are currently working with its "Digital Factory" and "Process Industries and Drives" divisions.

Our services in this area are as follows:

Media Service: A short and concise explanation of innovative technologies and products is the ideal way to describe the Siemens MediaService. The Media Service articles are published as a printed document and on the Siemens Weblog on a monthly basis.

Our task: to use exciting texts to provide readers with a brief and understandable insight into the latest developments and projects from the business activities of the two Siemens divisions.

Specialist articles, press information and background information: Be it passenger ships with hybrid propulsion, new industrial Ethernet switches or an energy control system, communication on such topics needs to transform technical complexity and innovative strength into understandable language. We prepare information in different text formats so that it can be understood by the desired target audience.

Editing and PDF management: Specialist articles have to go through a long process before finally reaching the publisher. We support this process by bringing together Siemens, editors and publishers. We deal with the assignment of editing work, feed edited manuscripts and papers into the Siemens workflow, and order publisher certificates for our long-standing partner.

Trade fair and exhibition services: Be it the maintenance of mailing lists, invitation management, accompanying communication measures such as press and background information, putting together press folders or providing on-site support, we help Siemens to optimally showcase its products and services at trade fairs and exhibitions. We do so by reliably dealing with all tasks and activities required before, during, and after the event.

Internal communication: By producing texts for internal communication, we help our contacts to convey a wide variety of different topics to the individuals within their company.



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