Implexis: Change Communication

Implexis Case Study

A new name: from "Impuls" to "Implexis"

Change communication on the name change of Implexis

„Hello, my name is ..."

When it comes to change communication, the biggest challenge alongside systematic planning and implementation activities is most definitely including staff in the change and getting them involved in the process at the earliest possible stage. After all, trust is the key to a successful change process and this can only be achieved with sustainable communication.

The new name "Implexis" is the result of an intensive process and was developed directly within the company by its staff and management team. Implexis stands for real-time networking with customers, employees and all processes. The communication measures involved in the change included designing and creating a film clip that quickly and concisely explains who Implexis is and what the company does.

Agency service: Change communication- Designing, creating and implementing all communication measures involved in the name change, producing a film explaining Implexis, providing information for the public and partners and developing concepts for new internal communication tools

Watch the film clip about the name change here

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