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Digitisation is good – Change is existential

Change Communication

Digital technologies and their further development and spread are at the heart of the digital transformation currently taking place. The switch from analogue to digital is happening everywhere and we can all see this dynamic accelerating: Developments are taking place faster and faster, innovation cycles are becoming shorter. The situation is aggravated by the fact that these changes are becoming increasingly disruptive in nature and can thus quickly throw doubt on what we have established and what we have learned.

Against this background, companies constantly have to question and adapt their own business models. If they don’t, they run the risk of falling behind.

In this context, however, flexibility must not mean simply updating software 3.0 to software 4.0 – that would be an oversimplification. After all, cross your heart: the traditional organisational structures are put on trial in the digital age.<br/> <br/> Your Heart Beats Faster

If the business model changes and you look at the organisational structure, then the company’s culture is not far away any more – and suddenly you are tempted to meddle in the deepest corners of the company DNA. Nervousness spreads.

It is important to keep calm now, to be aware of the changes and, above all, to take the team, the staff, on the journey with you. How? Empathetically, transparently and with consistent messages.

If you encounter fears and uncertainty, change the fears and prejudices to visions and shared goals. If you want to achieve acceptance and team spirit, communicate with your team – don’t just confront team members with decisions. Start a dialogue and encourage participation. After all, participating and contributing are a first step towards accepting; and: in an ideal case, acceptance will change into optimism. Let’s go!


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