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Today, everyone is online 24/7. This situation creates a completely new communication landscape - and changes the functioning of those, who work in and with communication. While the Internet has on the one hand made many aspects of our jobs easier, it has on the other hand posed new challenges for us.<br/> <br/> Crisis management within the shortest possible time<br/> <br/> Whether it’s hoaxes, accidents or inept statements - there have always been crises. However, the time span in which crises are reacted to has changed: Whereas a statement was previously prepared for hours, today this must be done within minutes. <br/> <br/> Our advice: Create a Crisis Communication Plan - and do it before a crisis occurs. That way, you can respond quickly and competently in case of an emergency. <br/> <br/> Keep information confidential - or not?<br/> <br/> In the age of the Internet, it is significantly harder to hold back information – be it for a new product or a new technology. A well-known example: Before the new iPhone appears on the market, countless rumours about its design and functions circulate on the web. <br/> <br/> Our advice: Consider whether you can incorporate this factor into your communication strategy! In some cases - as in the case of Apple - information is passed on internally, because it is simply expected to leak. This generates attention and publicity. <br/> <br/> Presence on social networks<br/> <br/> LinkedIn, Xing or Twitter – it has never been so easy, technically speaking, to present yourself to a large audience. Profiles on social networks are essential nowadays. The question of "how" is joined by the question of "what": What content should I publish to get noticed? What may I and what shouldn’t I communicate? <br/> <br/> Our advice: In accordance with the motto "Content Is King" - Derive your content from the strategy of the enterprise or its communication. This way, you can reach an existing audience - and above all the right target groups.


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