We take responsibility. Kaltwasser publishes its own CSR report on sustainability goals, climate balance and agency commitment.

Taking responsibility

In its first CSR report, Kaltwasser Kommunikation GmbH makes transparent which sustainability goals it is pursuing and how sustainability is promoted and lived internally and externally.

Why a sustainability report?

The report shows the actions and diverse engagements of the Kaltwasser team from 2020 and 2021. "Since 2019, we have anchored sustainability as a core topic and the most important task of our time in the agency. Making our contribution to a sustainable world is a matter close to our hearts," says Brigitte Kaltwasser, founder and managing director of Kaltwasser Kommunikation. "For our report, we have dealt intensively with all sustainability aspects that concern us. It was important for us to involve all employees." The company has already been committed to communication around the energy transition for many years. Under the motto "Communication that moves", Kaltwasser is positively shaping the change that society is undergoing, be it in the implementation of sustainable neighbourhood developments or the anchoring of promising technologies such as hydrogen. This is also reflected in the latest PR-Ranking. There, Kaltwasser Kommunikation GmbH ranked second in the categories environment and energy industry.

Sustainable Development Goals – our SDGs 

Within the framework of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the communications agency has defined for itself in which of the fields it can contribute most to sustainability and make a difference. These are the four goals "Health & Wellbeing" (SDG 3), "Decent Work & Economic Growth" (SDG 8), "Sustainable Consumption & Production (SDG 12)" and "Sustainable Cities and Communities" (SDG 11). Regarding the latter goal, the Kaltwasser employees are involved locally through year-round communication support for the Bayern07 club pool, press work for the Nürnberg Digital Festival, participation in the regional CSR network or with waste collection campaigns at the three locations. The sustainability team at Kaltwasser Kommunikation GmbH is currently developing a climate strategy with measures and targets for saving and avoiding emissions. The biggest emission drivers and savings potentials have already been identified. 

That's where we want to go - next CSR report already in the pipeline

The current report is a clear and transparent stocktaking: it shows clear levers for the future with regard to corporate responsibility and the effects of communicative consulting on the environment. Kaltwasser Kommunikation GmbH will turn these screws in order to continuously improve them. From 2023 onwards, the communications agency will publish a non-financial statement in accordance with the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and deposit it in the DNK database.

Reporting obligation from 2024: SMEs also have to do it

From 2024, the reporting obligation will apply to companies with 250 or more employees and a balance sheet total of more than 20 million euros or a turnover total of more than 40 million euros. Those who start now can prepare in peace, sensitize their employees and firmly anchor sustainability in the company. Because: a report is fed by the activities. These must be anchored at an early stage and jointly addressed by the corporate team.

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The sustainability report makes CSR binding

and at the same time visible as a team effort."