High-Quality Content and Tailored Targeting

How we helped Fluke Networks systematically grow their audience and generate leads on LinkedIn

B2B Social Media Communication

Preparing appealing and engaging content, tailoring your message precisely for your target audience, supplementing your organic reach with sponsored campaigns: with these capabilities, the professional social network LinkedIn offers companies the ideal framework for getting in touch with the more than 13 million users in the DACH region. Fluke Networks, a leading global manufacturer of electronic test and measurement equipment for the certification, troubleshooting and installation of industrial infrastructure, had already successfully implemented social media campaigns in English-speaking countries, but in order to make the most of LinkedIn's great potential for the German market, Fluke Networks EMEA came to us, together with our partner Ronna Porter from Justa Public Relations.

The goals: 

  • Raise Fluke Networks’ awareness in the DACH region
  • Position Fluke Networks as an opinion leader in the fields of Industrial Ethernet and Automation
  • Attract followers and generate leads through engaging content

Ongoing social media consulting for LinkedIn, development of the German showcase page based on the English version, editorial planning and content creation, precise targeting, campaign management, evaluation and optimization, as well as community management consulting and the alignment of social media activities with other communication measures

Bringing communications across channels and borders into perfect harmony

Fluke Networks, as well as its parent company Fluke Corporation are already successfully represented on LinkedIn in the English-speaking world. To ensure consistent communication and the development of a coherent brand image across all channels and regions, Kaltwasser Kommunikation had to seamlessly integrate all social media activities on LinkedIn into the overall communications strategy. To make this possible, we first had to establish a German LinkedIn presence that aligned with the parent company’s English corporate page and Fluke Networks’ English showcase page. To ensure that German audiences were addressed appropriately, the content was then adapted to the needs of the target groups.

Finding the perfect balance between organic and paid content in the most influential feeds

„Our #3 in the worst #IndustrialEthernet bugs causes problems and frustration when troubleshooting cabling issues. Find out why cable installation labeling is so important here: ... #flukenetworks #industrialautomation #troubleshooting #ethernetcable.”

In order to address potential targets with the appropriate content, we created posts on relevant topics and published them consistently according to the editorial plan we developed. While the organic content was aimed primarily at German-speaking followers and followers based in the DACH region, the paid content was targeted at other users from the fields of Industrial Ethernet and Automation, in other words, potential new followers in the German-speaking region. The success of the paid campaigns was ensured by careful targeting, as well as continuous monitoring, constant optimization and A/B testing. With this mix of organic and sponsored content, Fluke Networks EMEA was able to efficiently reach and systematically expand their German target audience.

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