A product launch of a different kind

Real emotion and closeness thanks to radio play

Signia experienced through radio play

The squealing of tyres, the pattering of stones, a roaring engine: the motorsport career of rally legend and testimonial of hearing aid manufacturer Signia Germany Walter Röhrl is moving. Two rally world championship titles, four victories in the Monte Carlo Rally and a permanent place in the Hall of Fame of German sport are all part of the sportsman's persona.

The passion for hearing is the secret of success of Röhrl's career. Whether it's a loud roar or braking noises: Röhrl lives and loves sound. Unlike most of his competitors, the rally legend always drove without hearing protection and listened carefully to the sound of the engine - this is how he discovered irregularities immediately and won many of his races, but also gradually lost hearing power as a result. That is why Röhrl, in his function as testimonial of the hearing aid manufacturer Signia Germany, advocates hearing aid care without compromise. On his 75th birthday, Signia Germany launched a special edition of the design hearing aid Styletto AX, developed together with Röhrl, which takes up his eventful and adventurous story.

Pure experience through radio play

The accompanying product communication was not to take a back seat either and accompany Röhrl's captivating life in a different way. For the product launch of the limited special edition "75 Edition Walter Röhrl" of the design hearing aid Styletto AX, we wanted to break new ground and therefore thought outside the traditional press and public relations box: we relied on a radio play in the communication, which was published and broadcast on Signia's company podcast. This way we can convey Röhrl's exciting career and life to the listeners in a more catchy way. Our idea: with sounds we can not only better take them on Röhrl's journey and touch them deep inside, but with the radio play we can express many more emotions and thus reach more people than mere texts can.

The radio play for the Limited Edition thus fits seamlessly into the general communication strategy.

Agency services: 
Project management: research, recommendation and handling of production companies and sound studios, timeline
Development of concept and outline of storyline
Selection of voice actors and distribution of voice parts in the script
Development and creation of narrative steps for radio play episodes and script
Quotes for radio play: compilation of questionnaire and interview with Walter Röhrl for one-shots 

Our goals:

  • Increase awareness of the Styletto AX design hearing aid.
  • Positioning of the Signia brand
  • Sales support

Ready - Sound on - Recording on!

For the production and recording of Walter Röhrl's story for the product launch, we called in a production company specializing in radio plays, a sound studio and dubbing actors. When developing the storyline, the following aspects had to be considered:

  • How long should the individual episodes be?
  • How many episodes do we want to produce in total?
  • Which of Walter Röhrl's career milestones should be included?
  • How far back do we go in the storyline? And how present do we want to place the cooperation with Signia Germany?
  • Where is the perfect cut per episode?
  • Do we need original sounds for the extra portion of radio play character?


This was the foundation for the most important narrative steps, which served as the basis for the script of the individual episodes. In parallel, we drafted a catalogue of questions for the upcoming interview with Walter Röhrl, in which we collected the snippets for the radio play and reused them at the appropriate points for the individual episodes.

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With radio plays, we make the storytelling of testimonials more accessible and emotional. 

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