The next Tiny House generation for self-sufficient living makes a stop in Franconia

How does energy transition work, how sexy can self-sufficient living be and how does "future" work? Wohnwagon KARL will be followed by the next smart housing project.

KARL & FERDINAND – smart brothers for a smart Nuremberg

How does the energy turnaround work, how sexy can self-sufficient living be and how does "future" actually work? These are topics of the heart, which we Kaltwasser experts have been dealing with intensively for many years - and as a result, we were able to welcome one of the pioneers in "Smart Living" to our family in 2016 with the KARL caravan getting a first taste of homelike air together with the Tiny House from Austria. With FERDINAND we are pushing ourselves a big step further towards the future!

Trendsetting energy bomb

KARL and his siblings are: natural, organic, and attractive - and with FERDINAND they have arrived in the next generation. "How do we want to live in the future? How can we use sustainable technology in a way that saves resources and is also fun" are the questions that Wohnwagon founder Theresa Steininger asks herself and has found suitable answers in Michael Lülf (Autarkia): As organiser of the sustainability fair "Green World Tour", Lülf does not simply bring the new caravan to Westphalia, but he also gives "our Ferdl" a further development into a bright green energy bomb.

Nuremberg as a stopover and milestone for the energy turnaround

Thanks to photovoltaics, i.e. large solar panels, FERDINAND is becoming a source of electricity and future developments electrifying people, trade fairs and opinions: "A self-sufficient and mobile giant socket - a milestone on the way to the energy turnaround," says Brigitte Kaltwasser happily, revealing an upcoming highlight: At the beginning of June, FERDINAND will be brought from the Austrian production facility to Westphalia - and will stop by in Nuremberg along the way. "Perfect for the bio specialist city and everyone who wants to know how energy self-sufficient living looks like."

FERDINAND is looking for a smart place to stay in Nuremberg - his sights set on the main market

Where and when FERDINAND, fully fit for driving thanks to his road licence, will exactly stop at his Franconian stopover in Nuremberg at the beginning of June and will be happy to welcome visitors, surveyors and interviewers, will be revealed in our news and social media channels: For instance, will he stop centrally on the main market square or in terms of our Kaltwasser theme at the newly designed Wöhrder See? "How smart is the city, how smart can Nuremberg be?" - We are looking forward to the answer, to you, to the future, to which we are already lifting a tiny piece of the curtain with the keyword "Aquahaus".

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A Kaltwasser vision becomes reality

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