The RX9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from AEG

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Utopia, a future dream or a new smart technology? Nowadays, the world is full of handy tools that make it easier for us to clean our homes, for example window vacuums, robotic lawnmowers and robotic vacuum cleaners, to name but a few. These little household helpers are already well known.

AEG’s RX9 robotic vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is like no other. Why? It’s intelligent! So what exactly makes it so special? While carrying out its cleaning duties, the RX9 uses its 3D camera with laser technology to scan the entire living space before using the results of its scan to produce a digital map of the room and thus ensure thorough and consistent cleaning. It also boasts a triangular design that allows it to manoeuvre its way into every corner.

We developed a campaign to showcase this reinvention of the robotic vacuum cleaner by bringing together innovation and emotion and connecting trust with excitement before sending the RX9 off to impress its target audience. Some of the first users of this new model included:

Influencer Relations

Hello Scotch! Liebesbotschaft tests the new high-class robotic vacuum cleaner at home

Joanna Götz has been an author and the founder of the blog “Liebesbotschaft” since 2008. She uses the blog and other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook to provide a community that has been growing over many years with an insight into the effortlessness and fun of her day-to-day life. One of her latest insights featured the RX9.

Konny finally has time to look after his home with the RX9 from AEG

Konstantin Krayer is the man behind the successful men’s fashion blog “The Side View”, in which he shares news and experiences in the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, essentials and travel. In his new flat, he was soon joined by a housemate in the form of the RX9 from AEG, which he immediately – and thoroughly –  put to the test.

WoM Campaign

The influencers are impressed, but what do independent testers have to say? Together with the platform “Brands You Love”, we invited 25 testers to try out the RX9 for themselves. 

92 percent of the testers said that they will recommend the RX9.  You can find more detailed information about the testers and their opinions here.


Presenting the RX9 at the IFA

As the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, the IFA showcases the highlights of the industry every year. Standing out from the multitude of new products presented at the show is a tough job for any product. Nevertheless, the RX9 from AEG managed to do exactly this. It formed the focus of not one, but two press releases by the German News Agency (dpa), which went on to be published in approx. 100 regional and national newspapers. Online news platforms such as,, and Computerbild also featured detailed reports on the new household helper with a new dimension.

AEG meets the GQ Awards: the stylish way to look after your home!

An exclusive video produced on the occasion of the GQ Awards shows how the RX9 from AEG helps to get the red carpet in top condition for the big stars attending the ceremony.

AEG extended the smart content of each format on its own wide-reaching social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. This enabled all of the touchpoints to have an efficient impact despite the small budget: on the whole, the content was able to achieve 130,000 followers, 19,400 video views, a print coverage of approx. 2.2 million readers and more than 300 million page visits online.



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