Happy Birthday Bra!

Happy Birthday Bra!

Guerilla campaign to announce the exhibition "Body Talks - 100 years of bra" of the Museum für Kommunikation

"I love bras because ...?" Kaltwasser Kommunikation asked this question to women and even men in the city center of Nuremberg. The answers varied as the interviewed people did, so that we were able to compare notes on the issue bra. The campaign was attended by a competition on Facebook: the most inventive answer which collects the most likes, wins.

The guerrilla campaign took place on the occasion of the exhibition "Body Talks - 100 years of BH", organized by the Museum für Kommunikation. The bra has become essential on women’s and men’s life. In 2015, he celebrates his 100th birthday. The Museum für Kommunikation dedicates this exhibition to the bra’s anniversary which was supported by Kaltwasser Kommunikation on a communicative level. Especially, the exhibition should be known regionally.

A poster campaign during a fashion show at the shopping center City Point was the kick-off of the promotion.


Communication aims: Increase of the regional attention for the exhibition “Body talks – 100 years of BH”, Increase of the regional attention for the Museum für Kommunikation


Agency services: conception, organization, implementation and support of the guerrilla campaign in cooperation with the Museum, social media monitoring and post processing, cooperation with "City Point" and "Change"

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