Barrier-free communication

An unforgettable afternoon excursion in Noris.

"Togetherness" on the field of experience for the development of the senses

A very special event took place in Nuremberg in mid-May: Irmgard Pirkl, PR manager at "Schwer-beschäftigt" and Claus Haupt, head of the field of experience, took the participants into a completely different world. Particularly fascinating: how many people can be reached with a little "thinking outside the box". How important the topics of "easy and simple language" become in our digital media worlds. And what role explanatory videos and pictograms will play in the future.

Because: More and more people are getting older, connected with one or the other fatigue of the sensory organs. And more and more people need differentiated and different speeches. Yes, our world is becoming more and more colourful - we communicators should adjust to this.

Irmgard Pirkl explained that from the point of view of inclusion and demographic change, the topic of "barrier-free communication" is becoming increasingly important. Customers and citizens want to be taken seriously - regardless of whether they are people with disabilities, sensory impairments, a migration background, children or the elderly. Each target group places special demands on communication, its processing and the communication media themselves. It can therefore no longer be the case that modern websites do not take these target groups into account. An appeal - not only, but above all to us communicators - that has provided us with homework right away. And there is another important lesson the participants of the afternoon event learned on their way: less is more - in barrier-free communication probably more than elsewhere. This is where the simplicity of the language plays one of the most important roles. And that means: no foreign words, no Anglicisms, but all the more repetitions. Straight latter is it, what PR-ler try to avoid in their texts.

After this lesson ging´s then with Claus head on the experience field to the sense sharpen and experience. The slogan of this yearly fits only too well to the slogan of the meeting: Together . And with one another we were allowed to let north Bavarian communicators smell smells, giant water beds feel, feel strange or sound stones swing. Our dexterity was just as challenged as our sense of balance in the 90-degree living room. Simply an unforgettably cheerful and communicative afternoon, which ended in the neighbouring beer garden.

Thank you again for these very special impressions, dear Irmgard Pirkl from bfz/ and dear Claus Haupt, head of the Nuremberg Experience Field of the Senses and head of the Department of Political and Cultural Education of the KUF, Office for Culture and Leisure of the City of Nuremberg.

Your team of DPRG Nordbayern, your colleagues from Kaltwasser Kommunikation
Sarah Schöffler, Valentina Paolino and Brigitte Kaltwasser

Addendum: For all those looking for benchmarks for good barrier-free websites, a digital visit to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BAMS) is recommended. "Exemplarily implemented", says Irmgard Pirkl.

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