The Challenge of Digitisation

A wonderful friendship begins with the right communication


A wonderful friendship begins with the right communication

Involve all stakeholders – don't leave your employees behind!

Nowadays, companies in all sectors and of all sizes are being driven by the central megatrend: digitisation. No matter whether new, company-wide ERP (enterprise-resource planning), the worldwide roll-out of new Microsoft Office or SAP products, the introduction of collaboration tools as a hip alternative to email, the long-overdue harmonisation of the international IT environment or the establishment or expansion of the intranet, mobile communication or digital accounting - the digital transformation of all company processes is in full swing.

Digitisation requires holistic (project) communication 

In your IT projects, pay attention to optimum project communication. Early, targeted and considered communication to internal stakeholder groups will

  • foster acceptance on the user side due to understanding,
  • motivate the employees to use the new IT,
  • provide all involved in the project with valuable feedback,
  • take the employees "on the new digital path",
  • and, ultimately, increase the sense of unity.


Event tip: 

Digitisation is also the main subject of this year's Nuremberg Web Week.

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