Two aces come up trumps

Social media and specialist press working together

Communication Mix

The hype around social media use in corporate communications appears to be continuing – a fact also continually being proven by studies conducted by German’s digital association, Bitkom. Last year, two out of three companies in Germany used social media for  internal and external communication. And one in two companies has their own social media teams. So will social media become the zenith of corporate communication in future?

We don’t think so. It’s all about the communication mix, and the specialist media in particular are still considered an important source of information. Decision-makers actually deem them the most important, according to the B2B decision-maker analysis of the German specialist press. 

Our advice: It’s the mix that makes it

What does that mean in terms of the conceptual focus of a company’s communications?

When selecting the using the respective communication tools, it is important to precisely analyse the desired aims and target groups. While social media is usually more playful and current, specialist media can provide information on backgrounds and details. References to specialist articles can, in turn, be spread across social media, thereby reaching a broader audience. These two communication tools should not be seen as rivals; they instead enrich and support each other in a bid to address the target audience as effectively as possible.

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