Project „Zukunftsquelle“ – we show you what’s behind it.

Bodensee-Wasserversorgung supplies four million people with drinking-water. We provide communicative support for the modernisation of the facilities.

Water - not a matter of course!

Where does our water come from?

Water is our element! But who knows exactly where the water that flows so naturally from the tap comes from? And do we even think about what a litre costs us when we shower, rinse or wash? To us, it seems to be a good that is always available. But before the water arrives in our households, it must be extracted, treated and distributed first - sometimes over very long distances such as from Lake Constance to the Odenwald. Our new customer, the Zweckverband Bodensee-Wasserversorgung (Lake Constance Water Supply Association), is a district water supplier ensuring that many millions of people have access to clean drinking water at all times.

Challenges of climate change

The effects of climate change do not stop at the water supply companies either. At Lake Constance, for example, they can be seen in changes in water quality or in colonisation by plants and animals from distant areas. Added to this, is the population's steadily increasing need for water. Clean (drinking) water is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity in our world. In times of climate change, it is therefore all the more important to create an awareness for the sustainable use of this precious element. Clean drinking water is not a matter of course - without a functioning infrastructure of the water suppliers we would soon be on the brink of extinction. We want to raise awareness of this.

"Source of the future. Water for generations"

In addition to the energy, construction, real estate and mobility segments, it is a great pleasure for us to have recently added the topic of water to our portfolio in our Citizen Communications business segment. We are supporting the Lake Constance water supply, whose central task is the provision of top-quality drinking water for four million people in Baden-Württemberg. In order to guarantee a safe drinking water supply for the next decades, Bodensee-Wasserversorgung plans the project "Zukunftsquelle. Water for generations". A number of structural measures are to be carried out such as the extension and expansion of the water extraction and treatment facilities at Lake Constance. We are delighted that our Citizen Communication team, together with our partner agency Carta, is supporting this diverse and exciting project communicatively.

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Water is our element –

in this project we can fill it communicatively with life.