Data as a source of inspiration

How you can use analytical findings in your communication activities


Sales figures, rates of returns and conversion rates are all recorded by companies that want to directly appeal to their target audience, quickly respond to trends and meet customer requests to the best possible extent. Such data are quite literally worth their weight in gold – and not just in the fields of sales and marketing. Communication activities also need to make much better use of these facts and figures. 

It is often the case that performance figures reflect certain trends or events. This is interesting for the general public and forms an excellent basis for PR measures. In 2016, for example, the Otto Group analysed the click rates of its online shop during the European Championship matches played by the German football team and incorporated the results into stories. This approach was a complete success that went on to attract the attention of magazines such as the trade journal handelsjournal and the PR publication w&v.

Distinctive features and changes in your data that can be put into a larger context that isn’t a matter of course at first glance can attract attention as newsworthy details with story-telling potential. Your sales figures show what attracts your customers’ attention, reveal the direction in which an industry is moving and tell you what is on the minds of decision-makers or private individuals. These findings attract the interest of journalists and readers and help you to pitch your content to editors.

Analytical findings and performance figures also provide an interesting basis for your internal communication activities and for appealing to your shareholders or other stakeholders. Being aware of your data is additionally absolutely essential when it comes to being prepared for critical questions and being able to provide educated answers.

Our tip: get in touch with your controller and exchange your knowledge and experiences. By doing so, you can ensure that key data not only offer added value for sales and marketing, but also for your communication activities.


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