Kaltwasser Kommunikation Crisis Simulation Exercise. Every crisis is an opportunity - and makes a fresh start possible.

WarRoom trainings are the most efficient and sustainable form of crisis prevention.

Kaltwasser Kommunikation Crisis Simulation Exercise

Crisis management is emotion management


This video of the War Room at the TU Ilmenau shows in time-lapse which emotional challenges have to be overcome in a crisis management game. And even more: what communicators are capable of in just a few hours. Above all: keep calm, keep an overview, act prudently and react. And please do not go it alone: Fast and correct decisions are worked out in the team and also implemented in the team. The importance of the coordination role, i.e. that of the crisis manager and crisis team, is recognized by the participants after a few minutes. The "leap into the cold water" also cools the minds here - and trains communication professionals on a sustained basis, including future ones as in this practical example.

But see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBkjHTDvH1A

Of course, we also offer this type of crisis exercises to companies and associations as well as public institutions. These are individually designed and are subject to confidentiality.

Find out more about this in our Case Study.