LinkedIn as an opportunity

With these three tips, companies can achieve their communication goals in the business network.

LinkedIn as an opportunity

Potential employees, customers or journalists: With 17 million users in the DACH region (LinkedIn Statistiken 2022), LinkedIn offers companies a wide range of opportunities to reach people. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the flood of posts in the feed and draw attention to one's own messages.

With these three tips, companies can achieve their communication goals in the business network:

Clear goals and consistent implementation

First, companies must clearly define and prioritize their goals for LinkedIn. Addressing (potential) employees, positioning oneself as a professional expert, or using LinkedIn as part of the sales strategy do not fundamentally contradict each other, but hardly any post can pay off on all possible goals at the same time. Therefore, it is essential to weight objectives and align the profile as well as the editorial planning to the desired focus.

If, for example, employer branding is the main focus, the corporate culture as well as employer USPs should be presented in the info area and visualized in the cover image. Insights into everyday work life then play a greater role in topic planning than the development of new services, technical tips or industry news. The next step, packaging the respective core messages into interesting storytelling, is another major challenge for the social media team.

Successful mix of corporate and personal posts

Old but gold: People prefer to follow people rather than organisations. Social media activities of CEOs play a key role when choosing an employer, particularly for millennials. Employees give faces to a company and convey authenticity as well as closeness. Companies are therefore well advised to link their company accounts closely with the profiles of their own employees, for example by sharing their posts, using common hashtags or linking them in their own posts. Social media training for staff or corporate influencer programs help to develop the full potential. Joint posts with customers, partners or other profiles are crucial to tap into new target groups and be present in their feeds.

Linking LinkedIn with other communication channels

Regardless of whether it is used primarily for communication purposes or in the human resources area: LinkedIn should not be viewed in isolation. Rather, those responsible for communication should create synergies between the channels and measures. Links to other online offerings, social buttons on the homepage and in the mail signature, a reference to the LinkedIn profile on business cards, rollups, or posters ensure that the social media platform is always present and at the same time traffic is being generated at the company website. In this way, various communication measures are interlinked and stakeholders can choose between different touchpoints depending on their preferred media usage habits.

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A clear objective,

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