Creating PR Concepts par excellence at the TU Ilmenau

Sophistication, acumen and creativity

Practical Seminar Public Relations

Sophistication, acumen and creativity were the three characteristics that recently enabled six student agencies comprised of upcoming talents from Ilmenau University of Technology to impress this year's clients, implexis and ABB, at the Practical Seminar on Public Relations.

At the beginning of April, the 34 budding media and communication experts, who are currently in the fourth semester of their degree course, were set the task of creating three PR concepts for both the major Swiss corporation ABB and the software specialist implexis from the German city of Nuremberg. Over the past three and a half months, the students have experienced euphoria, long meetings and discussions and their fair share of headache-inducing deliberations. The student teams working for ABB were asked to produce an innovative concept for the company's in-house magazine. implexis, which is always looking for new talents in the field of IT in particular, set its three student groups the task of creating a concept for staff acquisition. The results of the students' work, which were presented last Friday, were impressive and professionalism and creativity seemed to have been the unspoken motto of the young PR experts.

"You hit the nail on the head when dealing with the task set. The students impressed us beyond belief with their creative ideas and use of state-of-the-art technologies such as NFC chips or the ,Hackathon'“, declared Mariella Meyer, Corporate Marketing Manager at implexis, praising the groups.  The clients from ABB were also extremely pleased with the results. "The three concepts, which are actually very different, have given us a multitude of ideas for 'ABB review', even on a digital level. The students even added price tags and measurable performance figures to the individual measures. Fantastic!", stated Reiner Schoenrock, Head of Strategic Product and Innovation Communications at ABB.

After their successful pitches, the students joined the representatives from ABB and implexis and the seminar instructors to bring the seminar to a close in a friendly and relaxing setting. The award ceremony and party for the PR concepts was held in the FlorAnt Café.

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