Internal communication and digital transformation

Creating synergies, seizing opportunities

Print Media

An employee magazine is the traditional choice for most companies when it comes to internal communication. Despite ubiquitous digitisation, many continue to rely on printed paper. Meanwhile, even the traditionally slow German state is already introducing measures to protect smartphone junkies from doing themselves harm. How can companies still be relying on paper in this context? And which opportunities remain unused?

Print is not dead – Digital is evolving

It’s clear: Print is not dead – the haptics and optics of an elegantly printed product still create unique emotions. 

At the same time, practically every company has an intranet – some used more, others less intensively and efficiently. The IT trend is moving away from local solutions to enterprise-wide cloud-based collaboration platforms. However, incentives are often required to convince employees of the benefits of these new possibilities.

Evolution instead of revolution

At the same time, there is a multitude of possibilities available for internal communication: Whether top-down via tutorials and various news channels, or bottom-up through participation possibilities and networking – the natural limitations of print media can be profoundly enhanced by a sensible link to the digital world. In this way, employees who depend on traditional methods of work are also given access to new platforms and are familiarised with innovative technical possibilities.

This is why it’s important not to reduce traditional internal communication processes, but to regularly determine how the possible synergies between proven old methods and new technologies can be used.

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