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Startup Consulting for the TIKITI Foosball Table

Startup Company

Startups are thought of as being young, dynamic businesses with a bright idea and great potential for growth, which is why startup PR consulting is a challenge. Public relations must be perfectly tailored and cover all areas, without exceeding the modest budget. The dynamism of the idea and products must be captured. In many cases, completely new markets, customers and target media need to be defined and unlocked – while the business, identity and brand essence are still being developed.

Helping with self-help

Most new business founders have already come into contact with public relations without even realising, e.g. defining and analysing target audiences when establishing a business plan. This requires helping people to help themselves. As all beginnings are hard, startups in particular are best advised to kick off with attainable goals which can be achieved in small stages. It is always an agency’s specific task to help someone passionate about their idea, and tell a success story right from the outset.

Entering the premium sector with style and fun

For Kaltwasser Kommunikation, the latest shining example of this is the TiKiTi – a classy meeting table with a national-league-level foosball table under the top. It’s a great, fun idea, as consultants soon discover after their first meeting, when they push their chair back and see the desk transform into a foosball table within seconds, finding themselves standing right in front of the opposition’s goal. Furniture and play equipment, work-life balance and lifestyle have so far tended to be more side issues for the agency. So it’s all the more special when the new environment is unlocked by a product whose benefit can be achieved in such a casual, informal manner. A stylish piece of furniture needs stylish promotion, and a pro foosball table needs the entertainment factor to be conveyed professionally. This is precisely the direction adopted by Kaltwasser with the TiKiTi: Classic PR is mandatory, the willing copy editor gets something to play with, and the customer has a contact person available at all times through 360° consulting and constant feedback. We’re excited to see where the TiKiTi will take us next – the ball’s already rolling…


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