Crisis-ready - a weekend in the war room

Seminar on crisis communications at the TU Ilmenau

Technical University Ilmenau

For 17 years now, the crisis communications seminar run by Kaltwasser Kommunikation has been a permanent fixture in the TU Ilmenau academic programme. Over one full weekend, the three-day seminar gives media and communications students insights into crisis management, covering theoretical foundations, as well as practical exercises. This also includes experiencing and surviving a war room scenario, as well as on-camera and interview training.  

“Above all,Crisis communication is about managing emotions”, stresses Brigitte Kaltwasser. “My focus is to get the students to see for themselves how to react in crisis situations, how to prepare for them, and which basic tools need to be contributed or learned.” 

Crisis seminars are incidentally also run at the Berlin office. Please request the latest seminar calendar or ask about individual training course options by emailing berlin[at]

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