Moving images as a PR tool

Video Production

Conveying complex facts quickly and easily, and portraying issues emotionally and captivatingly are things videos often do better than text. For businesses, this tool is an important enhancement to their communications – both externally and internally. In addition to product presentations or tutorials, moving images are also used in change processes, marketing or training courses. 

The style may vary from live-action movies with 2D or 3D animation technology, to virtual films in the form of scribbles or cartoons. Creativity can be given free rein, as long as the film offers viewers added value and rouses them emotionally. 

Versatile usage

Once created, videos can be broadcast on the company’s Intranet, website or at conferences. They are also gaining importance on social media, with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter (via Persicope) increasingly reducing YouTube’s monopoly as a video content platform. This is due in no small part to the fact the moving images are the key to attracting user attention. 

We are huge fans of the video trend, and help our customers and partners convey their ideas and products in an exciting, humorous and comprehensible manner. 

Video announcing a name change

Video explaining a product

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