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KPIs for measurable campaign success


More and more companies are relying on influencers (both micro and macro) to reach their target groups. Fans often see opinion leaders as being people they can trust, which is why their recommendations can now be considered more successful than classic campaigns. The values they stand for can ideally also rub off on the company during a campaign. In addition to selling products, a primary focus for companies is to boost profiles and positively charge the brand image. Soft targets, such as gaining trust, are difficult to reflect in figures. But the success of such measures can still be measured.

Likes, shares, comments

In addition to coverage, interaction rate is another key quantitative indicator of success. It describes the ratio between engagement and the number of people reached. Using a campaign hashtag enables you to get an overview of product and brand mentions. Company fan growth, before and after the measures, can serve as another KPI. If, however, various campaigns are running simultaneously, it is difficult to make exact distinctions. Hits on the company website or online shop also provide information on the level of success. Where visitors accessed the site from is of particular interest here. 

Individual analysis instead of an analysis tool

The quality of the entries is critical for ensuring a successful partnership. How is the brand portrayed? The better the influencer’s personality and issues fit with the brand, the greater the credibility. Recognition and influence over the fan community also play a role. It is a good idea to analyse the reactions to the campaign. It’s not just the quantity, but also the mood of the people reached, that counts.

Our opinion

The criteria for measuring the success of influencer relations should ideally be taken into account right from the planning stage. In the case of mass products, the main focus is usually on the numbers achieved, whereas for niche products, it is on quality. It is generally worth looking at both aspects.


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