Mobile intranet app as key to optimal employee experience

In order to reach employees quickly, purposefully and efficiently, you need the right tools in addition to a good strategy and appropriate content. In short: the best possible "Employee Experience". Staffbase links communication and collaboration with central HR functions and, with its Moblie First platform, has established itself from a standing start as the leading employee app for companies. The perfect solution for us to communicate even more effectively in the future.

Staffbase - new cooperation partner for employee communication

Employee experience as the key to internal communication

The extent to which employees identify with their company and how satisfied they are at their workplace depends decisively on communicative factors... The "Employee Experience" is ultimately a direct result of internal communication. The lower the involvement in the flow of information, the more cumbersome the handling, the lower the perceived appreciation - and thus the lower the motivation and identification of the employees with the company. The associated challenges are manifold: harmonizing top-down and bottom-up communication, providing global and local information on all important topics, creating awareness, promoting personal responsibility, enablement and personnel development - and ultimately addressing employees in such a targeted manner that they do not spend half the day searching for relevant information.

Mobile Intranet as gateway to all information and functions

Against this background, Staffbase's Mobile First approach is consistent. The solution is not based on a conventional intranet, but positions itself as an app. As a mobile communication tool with deep integrations into existing processes and systems, the platform is the gateway to workflows, collaboration tools and HR integrations. With this concept of the mobile intranet, it is also irrelevant whether employees are sitting at their desk or working on the move and whether they are using a company or private device: Staffbase reaches them all, with a targeted approach and without a great deal of development and implementation effort. Via individualized groups, spaces and start screens, users receive specific information, send messages and network with each other. They also use this solution to work together on documents, retrieve training videos, edit checklists or submit vacation requests and sick leave notifications.

From employee app to communication campaign

Through the partnership with Staffbase, we will not only be able to use existing channels with our communication measures in the future, but also offer a holistic solution from the technical basis to concrete content and campaigns. A consistent branding in the look and feel of the customer as well as the simple availability in the app store ensure a high identification potential among the employees. This enables our customers to move to the next level of employee communication - with a powerful, efficient and contemporary platform that authentically conveys relevant messages in all directions.

More than 300 companies already use the Staffbase platform, including Adidas, DHL, Brinks, Regeneron, Siemens, Vodafone and MAN. In addition, the Chemnitz-based start-up is listed by Gartner as one of the leading providers of applications for employee communication and has already been named "Employee App of the Year" twice in a row at the Inkometa Industry Awards.

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