Which influencer suits me?

A long range does not have to be the ultimate criterion in influencer selection. At least as important are brand fit, credibility and a close relationship to the community.

Which influencer suits me?

  • A long range or rather the niche?
  • Micro-, Medium- or Macro-Influencer?

Cooperation with influencers has long since established itself as a popular measure in the communication mix. In 2018, more than four out of ten companies in Germany stated that they had planned a fixed budget for influencer marketing.  In order to make optimal use of this budget, a number of points need to be observed. In addition to defining the concrete goals and the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to be measured, the selection of the appropriate influencer is decisive for the success of a cooperation.

Micro or Macro: Engagement vs. Reach

The higher the range and the number of followers on Instagram, the better? Not quite. A sufficiently large community is undoubtedly a plus, but factors such as the engagement ratio must not be neglected. For micro-influencers up to about 30,000 followers, this ratio is usually significantly higher than for macro-influencers. This means that the number of user interactions such as comments, shares or likes is particularly high in relation to the reach. This also means that the relevance of the contributions for the followers is significantly greater.

The right brand fit makes you authentic

The largest community is of no use if it does not take away the influencer's enthusiasm for the product, for example because he advertises the offers of competing manufacturers as if on an assembly line, or because the product does not fit his actual interests at all - and thus also not the preferences of the followers. Depending on the objective, product and message, companies with lower reach will do better if the influencer really stands behind the product to be advertised, the recommendation comes from the heart and the story fits credibly into the concept. In addition, the proportion of advertising posts in the feed should not be too high.

Finding the right niche

Food, fashion, lifestyle: for some topics the influencer density is simply higher than for others. The selection of influencers and the reach figures for mainstream topics are correspondingly large. But the narrower the niche, the better the community matches its own target group and there is less wastage. In addition, the influencer is a credible expert in his field who enjoys a high degree of trust in his community.

In order to be particularly effective, influencer marketing should be integrated harmoniously into the overall strategy. Also read our examples of 360-degree communications consulting. We will be happy to help you find the right influencer for you and support you in your influencer marketing strategy.


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