Sustainability communication – a topic that cannot be avoided!

Transparency and authenticity as the most important factors for authentic sustainability communication.

Sustainability communication – a topic that cannot be avoided!

Sustainability: Time to act

"Sustainability" is a omnipresent buzzword these days. This also applies to companies: in addition to regulations for supply chains or reporting obligations, investors becoming more and more interested in sustainable businesses. They are increasingly evaluating the so-called ESG criteria, i.e. the triad of environmental, social and governance issues, when analyzing securities. In other words, corporate responsibility is written bigger than ever and talking about it is becoming increasingly important.

Sustainability as a decisive criterion

In terms of external presentation, sustainability has become a key image factor. Customers and shareholders expect serious sustainable development. Within recruiting, future employees want to know from their potential employers how sustainably they operate. Within Acquisition, the commitment level of a company's sustainability can also influence decision-making. More and more clients are integrating corresponding evidence into their supplier assessment. However, without the management support and anchoring sustainability within corporate goals and strategies authentic sustainability communication becomes difficult.

No greenwashing, please

Advertising and marketing campaigns flood us with green promises. Therefore, the "phrase assumption" hovers over every sustainability communication. The key is therefore: no greenwashing, but transparency is required. Employees, customers and other stakeholders want authentic communication about measurable efforts that have a positive impact on the environment and society. Even setbacks and learning from mistakes are welcomed because sustainability is a challenge for everyone. Those who share their experiences expand their network along the way and strengthen the movement. A position - also on critical issues - is expressly desired by many.

Showing people and their commitment

Many people can talk, but in the end, it is a matter of actively communicating, positioning oneself and following up words with deeds.

Internal and external communication is equally important and should take place on all platforms: on the intranet, on social media, on the company's website, and via classic PR. By customizing the core messages to the company's own sustainability strategy, they become resilient and consistent.

Through highlighting people’s actions and their commitment, sustainability gets more tangible and alive. Tell real stories with pictures, moving images, podcasts, or reports. Statements and interviews are also useful formats.

Whether CEO communication or employees as ambassadors: authentic sustainability communication can only succeed if the transformation in the company is exemplified by the management, discussed regularly by internal motivators, and sustainable thinking is seriously anchored.

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