Reaching the relevant target group with the right functions

With this LinkedIn crib sheet we show tips and tricks how companies can position themselves as industry experts and gain new followers.

Successful Targeting on LinkedIn

How companies reach their target group in the professional network

The career network LinkedIn already counts more than 13 million users in the DACH region. Due to the many interaction possibilities, "Facebook for Business" offers exciting potential, especially for companies. From an employer branding perspective, LinkedIn is suitable for addressing potential employees. In addition, companies can boost their brand growth by word of mouth and even generate leads by occupying industry topics. The challenge is to spread through the flood of information and really reach the target group. In addition to paid content, LinkedIn offers companies several free ways to reach the right followers and contacts.

One company, different stakeholders: Focus pages enable a targeted approach

With showcase pages companies can create sub-pages, for example for different business areas or if different brands belong to the company. In this way, different target groups of a company can be supplied with individual content and different topics can be covered. Focus pages are also suitable for branches in different countries, event series or long-term initiatives. So-called affiliated pages function similarly. In this case the LinkedIn-support links two pages together which can be necessary, for example, after a takeover or merger of two companies. Therefore, the company loses no followers when the corporate structure changes.

With explicit targeting into the relevant feeds

From 300 followers upwards, companies have the opportunity to play out posts to specific target groups. The language, location, job title, university, sector, company size and career level can be selected. This subdivision makes sense for example if followers in different countries should be addressed in their native language or if posts should address people who are in the vicinity for a trade fair presentation.

Networking, networking, networking: Groups and events offer further contact opportunities

Like any social network, LinkedIn lives from the interaction of its accounts with each other. Networking does not only take place in the classic feed. Groups and events are popular formats to exchange information and identify people with similar interests. Companies can create their own groups on specialist topics and offer added value in terms of content. An additional benefit arises when the CEO or other employees of the company get involved in groups. Moreover, LinkedIn is working on functions for events. This will allow companies to identify accounts with relevant interests and win them as followers.
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