Staffbase and Kaltwasser support the University of Leipzig in the benchmarking study.

Together with our partner Staffbase, we determine which contents are particularly well received in employee communication.

Study "Content in employee communication"

Effectively pick up employees and provide them with targeted information

Which content actually works for internal communication? The University of Leipzig is addressing this question in a large-scale study. Together with our partner Staffbase we support the Chair of Strategic Communication in data collection in order to achieve the most representative result possible. The background of the project is the increasing digitalisation of employee communication with its flowing development, constantly changing trends and challenges in everyday work and company life. The benchmarking study "Content in digital employee communication" examines how those responsible deal with these challenges and changes and which content actually works well in practice - a topic that we also deal with on a daily basis in numerous customer projects.

Support the research!

You can contribute your expertise to the quality of the study: We would be delighted if you would take 12 minutes to answer the questions in order to achieve a high-quality and informative result for yourself and the entire industry. And not only that: The University of Leipzig is giving away five tickets for VOICES 2020, the leading conference for internal communication and employee experience, to all participants. Second place will be rewarded by five vouchers from Amazon, each worth 20 euros.
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Your data will be treated confidentially and cannot be traced back to your organisation or person. When answering questions, please always refer to your current job.